February 2010

Many hockey fans in DC love Alexander Ovechkin not just for his ability to put the puck in the back of the net, but for his tenacity and desire to just lay someone else out. Ovie had a quiet Olympics (boding well for the United States) and has most recently received heavy criticism for shutting down the film production of a Russian fan’s attempt to capture the Capitals’ superstar on camera. If I were Ed Lover, I’d say, “C’mon, son – how the f*@k you gonna swat a camera away from a Russian fan tryin to get a glimpse of her favorite player. C’mon, son. Get the f*@k outta here with that sh*t.”

But I’m not Ed Lover, and we like to focus on the positives here on Bonus! Which brings me to the real reason for this post and that was Ovie’s hit on my favorite player growing up, Jaromir Jagr. Dude had a mullet that would give Billy Ray Cyrus a hard on, but that’s neither here nor there. Talking to a friend about the upcoming USA-Canada gold medal game, the conversation turned to Ovechkin’s poor performance, but man, did he really put the hurt on Jaromir Jagr (ex-Penguin – Bonus! for Caps fans). Searching for the hit on YouTube, I came up empty because the IOC blocked it on copyright grounds. This calls for another, “C’mon, Son” but I digress. YouTube account holder koojoe21 found a loophole with a sweet animated video that reminds you of a mid-90s Sega or SNES game – appropriately set to house music. Enjoy this Bonus! and root for USA to stick it to those hosers today.

Regardless if you subscribe to the tiny-bopper phenomenon, it’s hard to deny these types of pop singers have figured something out. They don’t reign at the top of the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for nothing.

 So maybe it’s a good producer, sweet electronics, or real talent (help us all), if it’s catchy enough it will produce something that we can all appreciate: one awesome parody.

So for all you Weird Al Yankovic lovers or those (like some of us at BonusDC) who think Ke$ha’s music video persona could resemble Taylor Swift if she woke up in a gutter after a two-week binder – strictly hypothetical of course  – this one is for you.

I’m not sure who is behind this gem, but their name is “Key of Awesome” (BONUS!), so it seems pretty self-explanatory. Hope you enjoy this little piece of happiness.



Not that I know what high society tastes like. I actually have no idea. In my wheelhouse of operation on a scale from Cleveland to High Society you can usually clock me at about a Rocket Bar; which coincidentally is where 3/4 of Bonus! was last night. What I’m talking about is the Army and Navy Club in the Farragut West neighborhood. Never heard of it? Yeah me neither, until Wednesday. A relative of mine was staying there and gave me a brief tour of the place which quickly made it known to me there is another side of DC unbeknownst to me called “classy”. Yes, they have staff readily available to open doors for you. Yes, there is a dress code. Don’t think about showing up to the restaurant without a coat and tie. Yes, it is decked to the nines in history and art.

What was really interesting was the library. Tucked away on the second floor is an exhaustive collection of all things American war history. Anything ever written about the military, about war, about Colin Powell can be found here. I spent a good half an hour flipping through the original copy of the US Army’s complete documentation of WWII (yeah know, the one that has “top secret” written on every page and has every detail of every US engagement for every month of the war, down to the very last POW?) Pretty cool stuff. One disappointment was General Sherman’s personal memoirs were not as fiery as I had hoped they’d be. Baaa-zingggggg!!!!!!

I bring this up not because I’d like to find myself in high society, but for you to share with friends and family in the military who plan on visiting DC and are looking for a place to stay. And then once they get there immediately ask them to invite you over for a tour. Be as self-serving as possible. My brother-in-law is in the Marines, and you bet I plan on telling him to book a room at the Army Navy Club next time he’s in town.

I must have died and gone to heaven, because next week is shaping up to be one fabulous time. Thanks to YELP DRINKS some of DC’s trendiest hot spots will be featuring 50% off 3 of their signature drinks.

This is no ordinary happy hour boys and girls – the deal is good everday all day during business hours from March 1 – March 7…BONUS!

The drinks include an array of mojitos, martinis, sangria, and more! So no matter what  cocktail you need to unwind after a long day at work, this list will be sure to let you pick your poison.

The event is city-wide so be sure to check out participating locations near you. Some of the big contenders include Urbana, Co Co. Sala, and a personal favorite Zengo!

The BonusDC crew will definitely be out to take advantage of this promotional jackpot, so stay-tuned to reviews and recommendations. And, as always, look forward to a little extra BONUS as the young and the awkward try to keep up with some of DC’s most exclusive clientele.

Yeah, you like-a sauce!

We all do indeed enjoy the sauce. We also enjoy-a saving da monies, and-a having-a da fun. That’s why we want to give y’all a heads up on next weeks “Restaurants Unleashed” events in the District.

The list of deals varies from the ‘meh’ to the ‘shit yeah’. Topping my list:

Belga Cafe‘s Mussel Power Unleashed. Mussels + Belgian ale + deal = Eff to the A alright.

Kaz Sushi Bistro‘s lunch and dinner specials.

MCCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants 3 course special.

You may notice a common theme in these selections, so for the non-seafood eaters I’ll throw out this beefy selection:

Morton’s the Steakhouse, in G’Town $100 three course steak and seafood for two. Not shabby.

Full list here. H/t Dcist.

That’s cheese as in cheddar. Money.  And the Wizards play professional basketball.  Sure the face of the team is suspended and likely going to jail for slanging guns around the locker room like he was Vincent Vega.  Forget they traded away three more starters (Jameson, Haywood and Butler) that were the core of the franchise.  They did receive one former all-star in return, Josh Howard, who then proceeded to tear his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season.  Where’s the Bonus!?

In cheap tickets and young players trying to prove themselves, my friends.  Yes, hockey and Hoya basketball is the talk of the town, but hockey is on an Olympic hiatus and Georgetown only has two home games remaining before the dance.  The Wizards still have Randy Foye (Go Cats!), Mike Miller  and a young core playing gritty enough to win 3 of the last 4 before falling to the Grizzlies tonight.  Some would consider that winning 3 of 5.

Kobe, I'm coming!

Professional sporting even tickets don’t’ come cheap, but Wizards tickets do.  Scour on Craigslist for some last minute deals and you can be Jack Nicholson for a night – sitting courtside, wearing sunglasses and looking like you’re going to kill someone because everyone can only think of The Shining when they look at you. If you’re an out-of-towner, now’s your chance to see your home team play.  If you spend too much time at a happy hour in Chinatown and miss the first quarter, who cares, right?  It’s the Wizards?  If you take a date and casually show her the face value of the tickets $212 and get them for $40….uh…Bonus!

The Jaleo all night happy hour we skipped is running all of this week too. Check it.

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