Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Uh. Wow. So this is a thing. That is out there. It’s not particularly DC-related but it is so crazy I had to share.

Adventures in Sex City is an online sex-ed video game made by a Canadian health organization.

You play a member of the “Sex Squad”, a safe-sex advocacy superhero coalition. You know, like they have. I choose to play as “Captain Condom”, because that was my nickname in junior high.

The villain is The Sperminator (my nickname in law school), a former member of the Sex Squad who went rogue after getting infected with an STI. Which makes him shoot sperm. Out of his hands. Which are giant penises. With ball hair on his elbows. Oh and one of the superheros is a virgin named Wonder Vag.

And the entire thing is set in “Sex City”, which I guess is either Gob’s newest business proposal, or anywhere besides Utica. So yeah, that happened.

This video is from Danish director Tobias Gundorff Boesen, and apparently was quite the technical feat.

I dig the song too, it’s a band called The National, and the song is ‘Slow Show‘.

As the annoying annotations mention, might be traumatic for those who like bunnies.

(h/t Gamma Squad)