That’s cheese as in cheddar. Money.  And the Wizards play professional basketball.  Sure the face of the team is suspended and likely going to jail for slanging guns around the locker room like he was Vincent Vega.  Forget they traded away three more starters (Jameson, Haywood and Butler) that were the core of the franchise.  They did receive one former all-star in return, Josh Howard, who then proceeded to tear his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season.  Where’s the Bonus!?

In cheap tickets and young players trying to prove themselves, my friends.  Yes, hockey and Hoya basketball is the talk of the town, but hockey is on an Olympic hiatus and Georgetown only has two home games remaining before the dance.  The Wizards still have Randy Foye (Go Cats!), Mike Miller  and a young core playing gritty enough to win 3 of the last 4 before falling to the Grizzlies tonight.  Some would consider that winning 3 of 5.

Kobe, I'm coming!

Professional sporting even tickets don’t’ come cheap, but Wizards tickets do.  Scour on Craigslist for some last minute deals and you can be Jack Nicholson for a night – sitting courtside, wearing sunglasses and looking like you’re going to kill someone because everyone can only think of The Shining when they look at you. If you’re an out-of-towner, now’s your chance to see your home team play.  If you spend too much time at a happy hour in Chinatown and miss the first quarter, who cares, right?  It’s the Wizards?  If you take a date and casually show her the face value of the tickets $212 and get them for $40….uh…Bonus!