Not that I know what high society tastes like. I actually have no idea. In my wheelhouse of operation on a scale from Cleveland to High Society you can usually clock me at about a Rocket Bar; which coincidentally is where 3/4 of Bonus! was last night. What I’m talking about is the Army and Navy Club in the Farragut West neighborhood. Never heard of it? Yeah me neither, until Wednesday. A relative of mine was staying there and gave me a brief tour of the place which quickly made it known to me there is another side of DC unbeknownst to me called “classy”. Yes, they have staff readily available to open doors for you. Yes, there is a dress code. Don’t think about showing up to the restaurant without a coat and tie. Yes, it is decked to the nines in history and art.

What was really interesting was the library. Tucked away on the second floor is an exhaustive collection of all things American war history. Anything ever written about the military, about war, about Colin Powell can be found here. I spent a good half an hour flipping through the original copy of the US Army’s complete documentation of WWII (yeah know, the one that has “top secret” written on every page and has every detail of every US engagement for every month of the war, down to the very last POW?) Pretty cool stuff. One disappointment was General Sherman’s personal memoirs were not as fiery as I had hoped they’d be. Baaa-zingggggg!!!!!!

I bring this up not because I’d like to find myself in high society, but for you to share with friends and family in the military who plan on visiting DC and are looking for a place to stay. And then once they get there immediately ask them to invite you over for a tour. Be as self-serving as possible. My brother-in-law is in the Marines, and you bet I plan on telling him to book a room at the Army Navy Club next time he’s in town.