February 2010

Music makes the world go ’round. Here’s the five tunes that are rocking the Bonus! crew as we run this town.

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead – Uptempo beat, sparkly piano, and just straight happy lyrics. I dare you to not bob your head.

Winter Song by Sara Bareillis and Ingrid Michaelson – Switching it up, great down tempo soft song that makes winter pass by. Make some hot coco and curl up with someone special. Also an amazing video.

Slow Show and Fake Empire by The National – I love this band, as mentioned before. That’s the official Fake Empire video, which is Thom’s fav. The Slow Show (my fav) video is unofficial, set to Godard’s famous “Masculine-Feminine”. The band is coming to D.C. in June, and trust Bonus! will be there.

Going On by Gnarls Barkley – Crazy cool song, crazy cool video. Favorite lyric – “The touch and feeling of free / is intangible technically / something you have to believe in”. I try to live up to this song in my daily life. The message; see what needs doing, do it, come what may. Be committed, don’t wait on the sidelines.

Wait, snapshot of America? Isn’t that what the census is doing? Yeah I’ve seen those commercials too. It’s like watching my tax dollars being set on fire right before my very eyes. Except not as funny. So we’re going to bring you a Bonus! Snapshot of America.

One of the things I love about our fair District is it really is a snapshot of America; no one is from here, so they had to come from somewhere. Getting to know the cultural quirks and habits of those from each and every neck of the woods in this country is just part of getting to know DC.

That said, here’s Part 1 of our Bonus! Snapshot. It’s a snapshot. From New England. That tells you all you need to know about New England. And guess what? Aaron’s from New England. Bonus!

epic fail pictures

Yes, I’m referring to when you have one of those memory-rich Friday nights with good friends that proves to be a bonus. This post might seem kind of scattered, but, well, it’s about Friday night, sooooooo……

So what’s the secret to having a genuinely fun sports bar like Buffalo Billiards all to yourself on a Friday night? Go to a private event for college students in a bar that has a strict 21 and over policy. Yep, meaning 3/4 of the people who showed up got turned away. Which by my calculations means our group (including two members of Bonus!) got roughly 5 babillion times the free drink tickets. Gift = received.

Quick detour to the men’s bathroom where I spotted an advertisement for this gem of a company. While in hindsight it’s not that funny, I still think the words “domesticated animal” and “organic food” don’t actually belong in the same sentence. Then again, on the flip-side, there are examples of non-domesticated animals eating non-organic food as well. The gift has started giving.

So back to Friday night. After a brief discussion, we made our way to Clarendon for that tasty early morning goodness only found at Silver Diner. Not a bad way to end a night out; good food, good atmosphere, and open at 2am when you need it most. Well, except that’s not where the night ended. We capped the night by helping out a full-sized SUV get un-stuck from the snow. And by “help” I mean “lifted the entire car off of the ground”. As in; it was on the ground, then we came, then it was off of the ground. Did I mention we LIFTED A CAR? It was pretty legendary, and fully warranted the 5 minutes of chest-bumps with the strangers we helped. The gift hath giveth sevenfold.  It never hurts to be a good Samaritan, especially in this town.

Okay, one last dip in the well of givingness. We did have one fallen hero that night. While we later found out he had made it home to Foggy Bottom safely, our sources tell us his metro experience was roughly to 100% like this. The gift giveth, the gift taketh away. Either way, I say Bonus!

Last week all of Jose Andres’ restaurants had an epic happy hour deal, running all night at Cafe Atlantico, Jaleo, Oyamel and Zaytina. Half of the Bonus! crew embarked with friends on a frosty, delicious alcohol fueled romp around Chinatown.

Personally I liked Cafe Atlantico the most. The bar was relaxed, the mojitos were superb and the deep red and rich wooden decor was understated, tasteful and inviting.

I liked Zaytinya the least in terms of atmosphere. It was a little cold and sterile, too modern without being inviting. The special drink, a pom fillis, tasted like watered down vodka punch. I’ve had better jungle juice in college, made with cheap vodka, everclear and some kool-aide. The food was outstanding though. First we tried the lamb kabob, which was cooked to perfection, juicy and spicy with a pleasantly spicy pita base. We followed that up with the kibbeh nayeh, which is minced raw lamb with olive oil,  garlic and other herbs and spices. Think of a lamb tartar. Unbelievable. One of the best dishes I’ve ever had. Can’t recommend it enough. Also the Lebanese larger was delicious.

We began the night at Oyamel, which was pretty crowded with a number of Syracuse fans waiting for the big game against G’Town. The margaritas were excellent, and I didn’t sample any of the food, waiting for later in the night. Priorities, people. The aroma was very enticing though; I’ll definitely be back for dinner.

We skipped Jaleo altogether because it was super-crowded. Have to hit it some other time. Just a heads up, Jaleo is continuing the happy hour special all of this week as well, so you might spot the Bonus! bunch there, if you’re lucky.

The bonus of the night happened at Zaytina, when a guy worked up the balls to hit on one of our party goers. He was best described by an acquaintance as a ‘hipster-leprechaun’. He had perseverance, but not much else. Also he couldn’t take a hint if it was hand delivered in the form of a singing telegram. Whoever you were, tiny man, excelsior on your bravado. Better luck next time.

Warm up week was a massive success. Every restaurant was crowded, the drinks and food were outstanding, and the prices couldn’t be beat.

An added Bonus!: two of our female companions left their credit cards at two different restaurants and had to go retrieve them. Silliness is always a Bonus!

Uh. Wow. So this is a thing. That is out there. It’s not particularly DC-related but it is so crazy I had to share.

Adventures in Sex City is an online sex-ed video game made by a Canadian health organization.

You play a member of the “Sex Squad”, a safe-sex advocacy superhero coalition. You know, like they have. I choose to play as “Captain Condom”, because that was my nickname in junior high.

The villain is The Sperminator (my nickname in law school), a former member of the Sex Squad who went rogue after getting infected with an STI. Which makes him shoot sperm. Out of his hands. Which are giant penises. With ball hair on his elbows. Oh and one of the superheros is a virgin named Wonder Vag.

And the entire thing is set in “Sex City”, which I guess is either Gob’s newest business proposal, or anywhere besides Utica. So yeah, that happened.

This video is from Danish director Tobias Gundorff Boesen, and apparently was quite the technical feat.

I dig the song too, it’s a band called The National, and the song is ‘Slow Show‘.

As the annoying annotations mention, might be traumatic for those who like bunnies.

(h/t Gamma Squad)

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