A picture is worth a thousand words, but if the words are sufficiently interesting you can cut down the ratio a bit. In that spirit, spice up your speech with these phrases we’re throwing around DC.

“Cray-cray” – means crazy.

“One hot second” – I know this phrase is so 1999, but it’s time it made a come back. If the goddamn ’70’s fashion can come back, why not this? YES WE CAN!

“Ground Hot Dog” – Backstory: coming back in a cab from a night on U Street, an old friend and I got into an tiff over who had the worst ex. Clinching argument “You can’t compare you’re [redacted] prime rib to [my ex], she was like a [redacted] hot dog I found on the ground.” My friend yelled “She IS a ground hot dog!” Even our surly cabbie laughed. Use it to describe any unpleasant encounter with a potential partner.

“Eat your biscuit” – Can be used as the new ‘drink your milkshake‘, as in “I buy that!”. Additionally, it can refer to a sex move that rhymes with bun-a-lingus. This doesn’t mean I made some special time with the Country Griddle; that comes with an actual biscuit.

“Beaaah” – Try it out. Multipurpose.

Question, inflect up at the end: Beaaah?

Denigrating, inflect down at the end: I listened to some Rod Stewart today, beaah.

Indifference, maintain flat tone: “Want to see a Ryan Reynolds movie?” “Beaah.”

Approval, start low, inflect up around the first ‘a’, then come back down to neutral. “Want to go to happy hour?” “BeAah!”

Use them well friends.