I come to you today to talk about a storied history. Let me throw a few stats your way. 343 wins. 5th place in the NL East 4 our of 5 years. Consistently trots out 9 quality players on to the field game in and game out. That about sums up the 5 years the Nationals have been in DC playing something closely related to the game we like to call baseball. Spring Training is now upon us and the Nationals are back in their groove, dropping games like the Red Line drops rail cars. In just 3 games, DC’s squad has been scored on 36 times. Ouch. While it’s true these games don’t mean anything, I feel like for the Nationals, well, they still kinda hurt.

Now I know baseball is a dying art that doesn’t draw the attention that football or basketball or Nordic combined do, but I think that’s a shame. It’s a beautiful game. But when your team is that bad, the game of patience becomes the game of agony. Trust me. I know. I’ve been a die-hard Pirates fan all my life; a team that hasn’t recovered from Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla leaving town 18 years ago. I was 5. So I’d like to send a word of encouragement to those out there thinking about boarding the Washington Nationals train. Do it. They might not be good, they might not ever be good, but make them your team. Love the players. That’s what I do. That’s what keeps me tuning in to every Bucs game every season.

Let me clarify something for those of you who I just convinced to invest your life savings into screen-printing Ryan Zimmerman jerseys to sell on the Frederick Douglass Bridge; Bonus!DC will not become die-hard Nats fans or really even follow their season. We already have our teams. However, to serve you, the people of DC, it is my intention to make the player who takes the last spot on their 25-man roster for the start of the regular season an immortal on this blog. Whoever that ends up being, I will become his biggest fan. Because, well, if you’re the last man to make the team on the worst team in baseball… you need all bonuses you can get.