What’s Bonus! DC all about?

This isn’t a site telling you D.C. news, upcoming events, or tracking the city’s budget. This isn’t your hometown blog. Instead, these are the stories we tell friends. The highlights and lowlights of living and working in D.C.

We’ll amuse you. We’ll disgust you. We’ll provoke you and maybe even make you think. And we’ll tell you where to get the best martini, see kick-ass concerts, offer thoughts on movies and books and drafts and burritos.

Other blogs cover the news, art, and politics.

We cover life in D.C. in all it’s messy hilarious glory. Enjoy.


Aaron grew up on the mean street (singular) of Maine, riding Moose, shooting Moose, eating Moose, and learning the intricacies of Moose. Along the way he accidentally acquired a law degree, and heard about a far off land called Virgina where the economy wasn’t so Moose-centric. He’s a cultural omnivore, prepared to talk art, writing, drinks and sports equally well.

Annie!Annie came to D.C. long ago from a mystical land called Kansas. She traded the rolling waves of grain for the capitol’s rolling waves of tourists and dreams of some day being a world-champion breeder of giant miniature horses. She loves the word “scuttlebutt” and hates the word “labradoodles”. She plans on naming her first born, regardless of gender, “Truffle Shuffle”.

Nick!Nick is a guy. He does stuff. He likes things. He hates other things.

Thom (pronounced “Tom”) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Having a twin sister, he has only enjoyed roughly half of what life has to offer; half the birthday parties, half the attention, half the love. Now in DC, Thom enjoys illuminating the unpolished parts of the city that go deeper than the tourist traps and cultural meccas. Thom’s also an embarrassing (edit – ly) poor writer, so blogging should be right up his irony alley.

Thom!Jerome – Less an international man of mystery, more a regional man of quizzes, Jerome is our resident Dinosaur on a Bicycle. What, your blog doesn’t have one of those?

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