We love hockey, and DC loves it’s Capitals. The team has absolutely run away with a weak Southeast division, and lead the entire Eastern Conference. Heading towards the Stanley Cup playoffs they look pretty damn unstoppable.

At the trading deadline, the Caps made some big moves to shore up their depth, adding four players for the price of one (and some draft picks).

One of those players is Country Mouse Scott Walker. Coming from such bright-lights-big-city locals like Raleigh and Nashville, Walker is definitely a Country Mouse adjusting to his new life in the big city. So far, the adjustment is going well.In his first game, Walker scored two goals.

Off the ice, Walker is making some more difficult adjustments. From the Washington Post sports-blog:

“So I was excited to use it, little bit nervous at first obviously,” he told Vya. “But man, people were so helpful. I just kind of looked lost — that was pretty easy to do — and people just helped me and taught me how to go over and figure out how to pay for a ticket and how to get on. I’m sure I overpaid a bit, because I was just so scared that I was gonna get trapped in there, so I just made sure I put enough money that I could get in and out. And man, I had a great time, and I’m so excited to use it more now. Now I’m not so scared to just jump on it and head one or two stops or all the way, wherever.”

Walker’s talking, of course, about Metro. Something everyone gets fired up about, just not usually in a good way. Metro has it’s fair share of problems; trains are too short, run too far between at off-peak hours, are too crowded, and oh yeah, have a pretty horrendous safety record. But Walker is pretty jazzed. Like a kid in some kind of a store.

“I wasn’t sure to take my kids on there and my wife yet because I didn’t want to get lost,” he explained, “but now they’re thrilled and they’re excited to come back and give it a go and get downtown and go see the sights….”

Well that’s adorable. And Walker’s pretty savvy for a first-timer. The whole “not-having-enough-money-to-get-out” worry is legit. Stupid Metro and it’s pay when you exit policy. He’s already planning on getting a SmarTrip card and good for him. There’s nothing worse than standing in a crowd behind some tourist who can’t figure out which end of the goddamn pandas go into the goddamn machine, or having to fight their way back out of SmarTrip only lane. That’s a great post-college walk of shame.

So remember, the next time you see a huge man with no front teeth on the metro, he might not be crazy or homeless. He might be the Caps newest Country Mouse, learning big city ways.

“I’ll put my teeth in,” he suggested. “Got to disguise it.”